• Buy Targeted Mobile Traffic and begin receiving traffic from both iOS and Android devices today.  This high-quality traffic can be further targeted by country geography and category so that you can effectively reach new customers or followers - wherever they are at. Modern mobile entertainment such as video and online games or watching movies and listening to music can also be experienced on mobile phones. But the topic that is most prevalent in today's smart-phone world after all is mobile marketing or mobile marketing.

    The number of Internet users has also increased dramatically over the past few years, with the rise of smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing is a new and relatively new topic in the field of online commerce, but its amazing impact on the success of online businesses is exemplary.

    Internet marketing is a very broad topic in which proper and principled activity for any business will have a chance of success. But with the advent of mobile phones, things have changed a bit. There may already be businesses that have no mobile marketing activity but have a good return on their business. There are important and significant reasons why every business should take a special look at this.

    Why should every online business start their own mobile marketing business?

    According to annual reports, more than three-quarters of Americans use smartphones. This figure is also increasing rapidly in Iran. According to one report, the number of mobile owners in Iran has reached more than 45 million, of which nearly 35 million have access to smartphones and mobile Internet. This stunning figure shows that mobile marketing in Iran can also be important with the significant advancements in smartphone use.

    Also, according to global statistics, the number of mobile users is 64% to 36% compared to desktop users. These results show that no online business will succeed in staying close in the online commerce cycle without utilizing mobile marketing.

    Mobile marketing, like internet marketing, involves different campaigns. Also, given the widespread and constant presence of social networks in mobile, we should also relate most of these networks to mobile marketing. These campaigns include search engine results pages, website traffic, blogs or social networking sites, direct user interaction and user-to-customer conversion rates. But what distinguishes online marketing on mobiles from other common approaches are topics such as Voice Search, AI and Machine Learning. SEO and Internet marketing experts believe that these things play a very important role in professional SEO and the growth of a business.

    In this article, we will take a closer look at the topic of mobile marketing and examine its details and important points, as well as discuss the ways and ways to succeed in this type of online business. Below is an important checklist used to advance mobile marketing.

    1. Make sure your business websites and apps are mobile-friendly

    First and foremost, whether your website or app is optimized for mobile users is the most important starting point. We have mentioned this issue many times before, and now we see that this checklist is the first critical step in this area. This is something that many business owners do not pay much attention to, and only know the full display of the website for that matter. But the term mobile-friendly or so-called Mobile-friendly includes several the following:

    Reactive design with high loading speed

    Responsive design is the first key to making a website mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly. Much attention should also be paid to the loading speed. The mobile version of your website should be at least 3 times faster than the desktop version.

    According to the results published on Google's blog, the website bounce rate will gradually increase to 113% as the website load speed drops from one second to 7 seconds. This is enough to get new users to your site only once and to avoid visiting your site again. So, you can increase the speed of loading your site. The standard for loading a web page according to the current average internet speed is anything between 3-5 seconds. If your website loads more than this, try to make it lighter.

    Professional user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

    Mobile users of Internet search usually seek to obtain the necessary information in the shortest possible time. Given this, users' quick exit rate, or Bounce Rate, is 40% higher on desktops than desktops. This may make the recruitment process a bit shaky. With these interpretations, mobile users will not tolerate pages that are not optimized and will quickly leave the site. ...  lack of user interface optimization.

    Also, the inadequacy of the images and their removal from the box is one of the most annoying problems with unsuccessful sites. With half the world glued to their mobile device, you might as well capitalize on it! Buy mobile traffic as part of a smarter marketing plan and reach people right where they are at! Traffic is sourced from both iOS and Android with options for segmenting and targeting so that you can reach your ideal demographic! Other problems that make the user experience extremely difficult are the small texts and their illegibility. Usually, all sites that are not properly responsive have this problem and the user has to zoom in to read some of the text and zoom out again. This process will annoy users more than you might think. Such a problem would make the website complex and disruptive.

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